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The Value of a Business Valuation

A report from IBIS World on business valuation firms in the US said 98% of business owners did not know the value of their company. The fact that most business owners don’t know the value of their business surprises me.

I’ve been working with businesses of all shapes and sizes for 37 years, and I used to assume that all business leaders knew the value of their company. After all, this is their biggest asset. Even the public companies I’ve worked with thought they knew their value … then the company sold at seven times the share price. For closely-held companies, there are even more unknowns.

How can that be?

Simple. We put our heads in the sand and don’t put pencil to paper to analyze business valuation in a logical way. We’ve been using back-of-the-napkin calculations which we thought made sense. But now we have access to real data – the kind of data that can give us a more accurate picture.

I am licensed by BizEquity, the largest provider of online business valuations, to provide valuations to clients. BizEquity has a huge database having valued 33.5 million private companies globally to date and growing.

Conducting a business valuation is one of the best ways to start off the new year. Some avoid this, thinking it’s too daunting to gather all the info needed. But with new technology, the process is much easier and more affordable than it’s been in the past.

The report we produce is extremely professional. It also provides excellent feedback on how to improve the bottom line because the true value of a business is based on what someone will pay for it at a specific date in time – coupled with how they are going to pay for it. See a draft report here.

The value of this report can easily be worth millions to you, depending on your size and growth potential. If you act to implement the recommended improvements, the value down the road is incredible. 82% of all business owners that knew the value of their business at least 18 months before a sale increased their sale price by at least 14%.

If you don’t have a snapshot value of your company, you are leaving money on the table. I highly recommend doing the valuation report now – Invest the $1,500 and get a baseline. Use the information to make actionable plans to increase valuation.

Now is the best time to get a valuation done because you should have closed books for 2021. Starting the year with a true sense of what your business is worth can help you make strategic decisions for increasing its value in 2022. You can easily increase the value of your business 15% per year by knowing your starting point and applying growth principles. That’s a hell of a return.

Ready? Click here to start completing the information directly or fill out the datasheet and send it to me. I’ll schedule a time to discuss your business valuation and its implications. This is a simple process; there’s no good reason to wait. Let’s get started!

PS: Make sure you are finishing each quarter strong. This can help increase your business value. For more, click here.

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