Verbeck Associates, LLC

Fractional CFO and Profit Improvement Services

Jon Verbeck, Managing Director
A business consulting firm specializing in Fractional CFO Services and Profit Improvement Services that drive corporate value and profitability through a proven framework and a focused approach.
We assist in developing your company’s financial infrastructure for positive change and growth.

All businesses are leaking and some are leaking badly. Many business leaders gained skills through the sales side of business and don’t fully understand their financial statements and how to they can help drive profitability and cash flow. They also provide a clearer vision of your future. Clearer is better. Your business was supposed to be fun – not a stressful daily struggle.

Serving as a Fractional CFO to your company onsite or virtually, we bring processes and ideas that dramatically enhance productivity, profitability, and cash flow.

We feel your pain. I’ve lost countless hours of sleep worrying about making payroll or paying vendors or presenting to shareholders and bankers…..I’ve graveled to customers for quick payment so the company could pay their worker’s comp prior to canceling the policy.  I’ve had to stand up in front of employees and discuss poor company performance and the possibility of cuts.  I know there’s a better way with better numbers. 

I can get you out of this

This framework and process works

Understanding the numbers and asset velocity helps foster teamwork and accountability

I am a CPA trained at KPMG, LLP currently the 4th largest accounting firm in the world, I have been and operational CFO at a $100m fast-growing company and several public companies, I won an award in 2018 from the Turnaround Management Association for Turnaround of the Year.

I owned a small $2mm service company for three years with 3 other successful CEO types. The ownership was an extremely painful and overall huge failure, but the learning experience on leadership and the importance of financial accuracy and overall business processes was priceless. 

I have worked with hundreds of companies and business leaders and finance teams – big and small from every spectrum over my last 15 years at Verbeck Associates.

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