Resources / Tools

  • Month End Closing Checklist

    Click for this customizable Month-end Closing Checklist.  It is essential to use in your monthly process to provide efficient, consistent, and useful monthly financial statements.

  • 13-Week Cash Flow Tool

    Click for this critical tool to effectively manage and predict cash flow. This will help you sleep better at night. Run your business based on this!

  • Cash Flow Checklist

    This PDF checklist accompanies the 13-Week Cash Flow Tool.  Click here.

  • Weekly Scorecard

    This checklist helps you track key metrics on a weekly basis to spot trends or potential issues quickly. Click here.

  • Weekly Review Checklist

    Click for a quick weekly checklist to keep projects moving forward and productivity high.

  • Suggested Measures and KPI's

    Click Here for a list of things to measure.  Keep it simple and focus on 3-5 with the biggest impact to drive results and improve the customer experience.

  • Business Owner Questionnaire

    Click here to download a sheet of questions to help you evaluate your business, focusing on elements that include basics, owner, team, and finances.  This sheet can also be valuable in determining how we could help you with the next steps in growing your business and profits while managing stress and culture.

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