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Fractional CFO Services

Outsourced Part-Time CFO Services

Business owners have a lot on their plate.  Having a solid financial structure and business processes is essential for a successful business. If you don't have a CFO on staff, you need one.  You have three options: dedicate a portion of your time to be the CFO, hire an employee, or hire a fractional CFO.

A fractional CFO provides expertise where you need it and when you need it at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of having a full-time employee.  It is a very efficient way of having a CFO on your team.


Verbeck Associates provides CFO and business advisory services on a retained basis to enhance profitability, cash flow, and corporate value.  We work with a handful of great companies as fractional CFOs providing necessary financial expertise and leadership.


We become part of your team and implement a framework for:


  • Consistent, accurate financial statements including P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement with CFO Report
  • Simplified performance indicator development and tracking with a weekly scorecard
  • A cash flow predictability process, reviewed and updated weekly as a 13-Week Cash Flow Forecast
  • Simplified business forecast model (incorporating the above) to create a monthly budget and business plan
  • Ongoing financial expertise via a scheduled weekly status meeting and unlimited email support with timely responses.

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