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Most businesses are struggling to be more profitable and many business owners are stressed trying to balance cash flow, profitability, and growth. 


My clients see an increase in revenue and profit due to my proven framework that establishes disciplined and effective processes. Better financial results and efficient workflow allow them to focus on their real strengths and get back to enjoying running their business.

Jon Verbeck, CFO services, accounting, financial, bookkeeping

Jon Verbeck, Winner of the Global Turnaround Management Association's TMA Turnaround of the Year Award

Your Challenges

My big dreams for my business are coming true ... but I'm not making much profit.

How can I become more profitable?

Where are the leaks?

I'm great at sales and have great ideas, but I hate numbers.

My books are months behind and a mess and I can't rely on the numbers that I am seeing and honestly - I'm not an accountant.

I hate surprises - I just found out, the worker's comp insurance invoice due in three days - the same week as payroll.

I am not sure I'm going to have enough cash to cover both.

My business was supposed to be fun and profitable, but I seem to be headed in the wrong direction.

My cash is so tight some weeks, I am having trouble sleeping. I had hoped to fund my retirement with a valuable business.

What happened?


Our Solutions

Fractional CFO Services

Many businesses would benefit from having a CFO on the leadership/accounting team. But some organizations hesitate to commit to a full-time employee at that level.

Fractional CFO services via our proven framework for achieving best practices provide the financial flexibility you need as your business changes and grows. Reduce your stress and increase your profitability by retaining us for fractional CFO-level support and guidance.

Verbeck Associates framework provides CFO and business advisory services on a retained basis to enhance profitability, cash flow and corporate value.

We implement a process for:

  • Consistent accurate financial statements
  • Simplified performance indicator development and tracking
  • A cash flow predictability process for you and your team
  • Simplified business forecast model
  • Ongoing financial expertise

Business Assessment and Valuation Services

Most business owners don't know what their business is worth, yet they count on the business for their personal income and count on the value for their exit plan and retirement.

Also, many businesses don't run in an efficient, profitable way due to problems with people or processes.

Our business assessment and valuation services can help you determine what's working great, what needs to improve, and how to increase the value of your business so that you can have a rewarding and successful future.

Transitional CFO / Turnaround Advisor / A la carte Performance and Process Improvement Projects

Whether your business needs short-term corporate turnaround expertise, profit modeling, forecasting, strategic planning, value mapping, accountability coaching, or more, we can help.


We have had positive results in distressed situations and restructured bankruptcy situations (Jon Verbeck has been recognized with a Turnaround of the Year award by Turnaround Management Association).


In addition, we've provided as-needed expertise in the following areas:


  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Financial Modeling and Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Business Process Reviews and Improvement
  • On-Site Financial Training Workshops
  • KPI Development and Implementation
  • Due Diligence / Collateral Audits
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Reporting Packages
  • Expense Review; Cost Control
  • Compensation Packages Development
  • Training of Accounting Personnel
  • Accounting Policies Review

How I Work

  • We review your financial statements and financial situation together and develop a 180-day plan using my basic framework.
  • We establish a monthly fee - generally ranging from $6,000 to $7,500 per month.
  • We work with you and your team to make your financial close process efficient and accurate.
  • We implement the 13-Week Cash Flow Process.
  • We establish key performance business and profitability drivers.
  • We work with you and your team weekly to achieve the established milestones and profit results 
  • My clients see an increase in productivity, revenue, and profit!

How to Work With Jon - Next Steps

  1. Complete the Business/Business Owner Questionnaire
  2. Gather your Financial Information using the Financial Information Checklist.
  3. Set up a 15-minute (completely non-obligation, non-sales pitch) call with me.  I promise you'll come away with usable valuable information.

Bonus steps:

Download The 10 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make and start receiving my monthly newsletter.

Download and Implement my 13-week cash flow process from my resource page.

Gather and review your trailing 12-months financial statements.

Why Wait?

Not connecting with me will cost you money in lost profit and continued cash flow struggles.

You won't sleep well worrying about how you're going to cover payroll next week.


Stop procrastinating.  You know your company can do better.  Contact me today! 


Text 'Strategy Session' to 315-243-3074 to schedule a strategy session now.

Why Choose Us

World Class Support


Jon being recognized in 2018 for Turnaround of the Year
Jon being recognized in 2018 for Turnaround of the Year

Results Oriented


What Our Clients Say

I worked with Jon for several years and he helped me with our forecasting and improve our financial close and reporting processes.

His work helped me be more confident in my decision making, business plans, and our overall success.

We have solid numbers we rely on and we are now much more profitable - on a consistent basis!



Jon really helped me develop a cash flow forecast process that I still use today.

I have a handle on our cash-flow and I can focus on what I do best - sell and grow the company.

Business is still difficult, but I am sleeping better at night.

John W


Jon's framework and dashboards have helped us grow consistently with very little turbulence!

He has a great way about himself, and his experience adds tremendous value to our team.

Since he's been involved with us we have increased our revenue to now $13mm with a strong bottom line and consistent positive cash flow.

Tom K


Jon Verbeck, CFO services, accounting, financial, bookkeeping

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